Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Stack Necklaces...by DylanLex

There is a lesson in life He was once taught, if you want to learn how to do something, seek the best and learn everything you can from them. Well that is exactly what He went out to do for the ArmHe. Stacking Necklaces has become a big trend of late, but there is NO ONE that does it quite like the sisters of DylanLex. To take staking necklaces from a single necklace to the collage and turn it a simple out tank top and pants into an outfit with just the addition of necklaces is nothing short of skills and talent which many can only aspire to.

Check out after the break "read more" to see how they take one simple necklace and turn it into the masterpiece of an outfit. STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS BY CLICKING READ MORE...

P.S. Follow them on Instagram: @DylanLex
P.P.S. One of these trips He takes to Philly will include a meet up/photo something with DylanLex stay tuned (this is news to them as well).

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