Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Karena

A local, NYC girl who goes to Hofstra U and another future member of the FbyHe law team. If there is one thing to take away from Karena, and trust He there is a lot more then one, she has awesome hair, and yes we notice these things. Insanely body, understands a cheeky bottom, and is pretty much the hottest thing to leave Greece in ages. Limited access to her pictures really hurt He's feelings, He needs more Karena and He needs it now.

How would you describe your style? As my fashion goes, expensive and in the media doesn't really faze me especially at the age of 22. I go by my own drum beat as I have since I was a child. I rarely ever throw out my old clothes because I always find a need with them in the future. I remake a lot of my wardrobe from my old things, either from cutting jean pants into shorts and studding them to bleaching old jackets and making them into vests. I make a lot of jewelry as well I am just a very creative person especially when it comes to the things I wear. The mere fact I make a lot of my things is not only because I love to be different but I hate having the same thing as the girl next to me. Fashion is supposed to be fun and exciting and to be identical just sounds crazy to me.

Who is Your Style Icon? Someone in the media whos style has really jumped out at me is Blake lively I really think she has it down packed with her everyday to evening looks. She is someone I follow religiously and I love absolutely everything she wears.

Favorite item you own? My most favorite item I own is my fur jacket I got as a gift last year, I feel that every girl should own a fur coat at one point of their lives. Just putting it on makes you feel glamorous in so many ways. At the end of the day I feel that everyone has they're own style one way or another, it's just the way they portray themselves that makes them different from one another.

Who are your Favorite Designers?  My favorite designers are moschino as far as accessories, Valentino and Versace for evening and for an everyday basis I love Stella McCartney. Now because I am a college student and can barely afford a moschino belt lol I live at mostly 2 main stores, free people and urban outfitters. I love urban style and at these two stores you really could create your own style just the way you like it.
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