Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FashionWEEK by He...Yuna Yang

Well He was deathly ill this week, of course, but what else do you expect. Ok fine, it wasn't deathly ill, but He is a guy, and we get a little dramatic when we get sick, so what. Anyway, He decided to send out field reporters on He's behalf this week, to do the work that He didn't. First up, Yuna Yang.

Women’s fashion has been a little divided these past few seasons. Some designers can’t keep away from porn star rubber boots, nip-views via cutouts or sheer paneling, or slits so high it leaves one to wonder the all-important question, is she wearing underwear? The opposite camp is still stuck on the “art” of man-repelling. Never before has it been as en vogue as the present to hide oneself under a mountain of fabric, sans mumu. Dressing like grandma is the new street look, since the aforementioned nip cutouts won’t really make it to the office.

For the fashionably exasperated women who have issues with said “style,” you are not alone. I was never keen on the idea of dressing simply to make my clothes look cool. Who’s the star here!? Hello!?
 Enter womenswear designer, Yuna Yang. For her SS13 collection, the designer managed a bi-polar focus on looks for women who enjoy showing off curves, legs, and remaining elegant, and the Asian-inspired polka dot for those contemplating hipster territory.  One or two of these numbers went a little too far with the polka dot, and this printed draping disaster is the quickest way to the nursing home for the twenty-something year-old who’d be tricked into purchasing it. I guess every collection’s allowed at least one dud?

Yuna’s not-so-secret love affair with lace is sure to be represented in mainstream fashion next spring, moving away from hi-low chiffon, crochets and your-dining-room-table-doile tops. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Daydresses with peplum lace accents can work, but I’m not understanding the appeal in wearing a lace bag over what could have been a very sexy satin sheath?

With Yuna's lovely, draped numbers like this elegant white evening gown and structured day-to-night looks, women can stay on-trend without looking like someone did a bit too much of their wardrobing at the thrift shop…as long as you avoid anything lacking shape or created after a polka dot overdose. 
Reported for FbyHe by Rachel

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