Monday, September 10, 2012

FashionNIGHT OUT by He...New York City

 Team Neon

HATE Fashion's Night Out. 10000% Do NOT understand the point of it at all. Totally understand its great for the retail stores, but the real kicker are the people that come out for the events. Everyone is looking for free drinks, free food, pretty much anything free. Everyone wants to be a part of the cool party, at the cool spot, they dress up to the 9s, like there is anything worth dressing up for. Totally an absurd night if He has ever seen one. Like please tell He what the hell you are dressing up for exactly? Nothing!!!! Such a f*cking waste.

P.S. Big thanks to Rachel for all the pictures

More pictures after the break...

 Hello blonde

Hey HottHe Call He asap, you are FNOs winner

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