Sunday, September 23, 2012

FashionCOLLAGE by He...Uncut Unedited

 Coming to Madison Ave
 couple dancing in washington square park

And were are back. He had more pictures to unload that aren't going to make it to the pages of the blog, so there we go again. More street style, more craziness, and more new york city then ever before.

how ripped is too ripped?
bloggers asking for pictures...umm is that what you are suppose to do? 
and whats with the black arm sleeves?
that is a lot of animal print
not sure whats going on here
interesting choice of shirt
standard Washinton Sq Park Tourist picture in front of the fountain...
 pink wedges
 orange wedges
 had a smart look to her

 Denim on Denim Guy is Loving it

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