Sunday, September 16, 2012

FashionCOLLAGE by He...Pic He isn't using

Really had nothing ground breaking to say about most of these, so they never made the cut. Guess we can call this FbyHe uncut and unused. Tons of street style pictures from all around new york city. Sit back relax, scroll down and enjoy.

 She's trying to hard
  Texting each other?
 Maxi Dress and Wedges.
 no ass :-(
 This was pretty early in the morning...#walkofshame
 Some cool chick
He was a fan of this top
 East Village Hipster
Hair from girl on the right, dress from girl on the left
  mirrors sunglasses so hot for 2013
 fake boobs...fake life
 she was cute
 bow in the hair, fanny pack on the waist, ass hanging out, neon bra...
 Hot chick, with weird creepy euro guy

 Rips in the shirt to match the rips in the wedges
 Not a flattering dress
 horizontal lines are bad
 You see He seeing You...
 Check out the shoes...the girl on the phone is

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  1. haha awesome post, love the legends ;)

    Just wanted to let you know that I changed my blogs name, it used to be and you can now find me at

    Hope you'll like it ! xx tiphaine


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