Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watch out for the HOT Clown in Union Square...

Never has He ever seen a better looking clown before in He's life. If clowns start showing up like this to He's birthday, its would be the best gift ever.

P.S. Must be tough to be trying to do a photo shoot for anything in NYC streets. Ya got a billion people like He taking the same picture, nothing is a secret. When this picture shows up in some magazine in a few months, we will all remember seeing it here first. Ruined.

  Yes yes, you will be on FbyHe, and become famous, your welcome
 this guy could not get enough
 and more
   "what is going on here????"

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  1. So crual but maybe true:)

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  2. LOVE those bold red booties! The rest of the outfit... not so much. Personal opinion.



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