Thursday, August 2, 2012

UGGS During the Summer...Are You Kidding?

Then again UGGs or Fake UGGs any time of year is a Fashion by He NO NO.

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  1. You know, I once read that the popularity of these shoes really came from surfers wanting a comfortable and warm pair of shoes to wear when on the beach on cold days. Having said this, yes- these shoes are the perfect way to get your feet sweaty and musty out in the heat. Worse than these would be rain boots on a hot day.

  2. All is a question of tastes ... some one hate purple color, I adore it ! I can understood a half of people hate UGG boots, my only reason is the price ! those shoes are too expensive for a simply design... There are so many other brands that make nice copies or similar ... But the only "second " reason is the comfy look, I call them the " City Slippers Boots "... they have a great success like the eternal "MOON BOOTS" ...
    Now it is trendy to have those rain rubber boots in hunter or equestrian style ! Fashion is crazy , a great lesson of madness or folly ... Like BUFFALO BOOTS ... Weird at first they appear, and become sexy with patterns... Today it is the turn of those famous Jeffrey Campbell Litas ! Ephemeral or timeless ? They have marked their time... The story of Fashion !

    Great blog, I'm glad to find the link back !



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