Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Picks for Peace... He Does Something Nice

When our father, a musician and guitar player passed away from cancer, our family took his picks and started to wear them, to keep his heart and soul close to ours. He was a promoter of holistic thinking, being kind and compassionate to all and supported alternatives. Just as Peace is a universal symbol, this accessory is our eternal light to remember him by. He provided us with the idea that we have choices and ultimately we are all striving for Peace within ourselves and the world around us. Combining the words Pick (used for playing a guitar, but also representing choice) and Peace (which we yearned for in light of losing him), Picks For Peace® was born.

Music has and always will have a major influence in our lives-it too is universal. We thought combining our fathers passion for music and choice and our love for fashion and hope, would give us the perfect vehicle to spread our message. Each Pick represents something positive in life and supports individual meaning. We want to share this consciousness, donate to charity and contribute to music and choice in this chaotic world.

Got some samples of these Pick for Peace in the mail the other day, and gotta say, they are pretty cool, and for a good cause. Stack them up with the rest of your arm candy and know you are doing something to help better the world.

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