Thursday, August 30, 2012

No Bra Revolution...Summer of No Bra Comes to an End!

Hate to say it, and maybe it won't be true, but He thinks this might be the last No Bra Revolution and No Bra Thursday Post. The Revolution isn't over, and the trend will continue to grow, but with summer officially ending this weekend, it feels like the time has come for one feature to end and a new one to begin. For those of you who have been featured thank you, for those of you who go out without a bra, thank you as well. For those of you who come here to see hot chicks with their nips poking out, can't blame you. For those of you who want to continue to see these posts, send He your pics, if we get enough love, maybe it will return next week.

P.S. For those of you who think He is a sick f*ck, you are right. But! There was a purpose to No Bra Thursdays. Even though it started because of some article of a boss who made his employees go braless on Thursdays, it really stood for something more. Chick who are in the No Bra Revolution have one thing above all others, and no not small boobs, CONFIDENCE. A women's best accessory, and a top quality she can have. You can have all the style and expensive clothing you want, but without confidence you will never look as good as the girl walking down the street with confidence in half the outfit. So He dedicates this final No Bra Thursday post of the year to Confidence No Bra Ladies of the ArmHe.

As always bloggers/members of the ArmHe who are members of the No Bra Revolution...after the break




Miu Mars

 @altw #nobrarevolution 

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