Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Cut a T-Shirt into a Muscle T-Shirt...

How to Cut a T-Shirt into a Muscle T-Shirt by using a 
Fashion by He T-Shirt and blogger Colby from Moeh Fashion.

Everyone these days is into DIY t-shirt projects. He put Colby from Moeh Fashion on assignment to show the ArmHe another way to turn a regular t-shirt into a muscle tank. The last feature of turning a t-shirt into a work out tank was a big success. Colby's How To cut designs make it easy for anyone to follow along. Make sure to come back and let He know how your t-shirt diy project went.
See more of the shirt and Colby after the break or on her blog...

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  1. She's awesome! I love DIY t-shirts projects.

  2. It is really an awesome usage of man's t shirt and i will also apply this trick to my wears also.You are looking awesome.

  3. In regards to present day fashion, the fitness world has created a craze of certain items such as gym tank tops and yoga pants that are worn as casual wear by many people on a daily basis, whether they attend a gym or not.tank tops for men


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