Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Kateryna

Meet Kateryna, a nominated HottHe of the Week, by previous HottHe Alison.By far one of the classier HottHe's we have featured, and hopefully that comes off as a good thing because it is. Have never met Kateryna, but gonna guess there is an awesomely fun wild side that is hidden behind the stellar outfits. He just gets hunches like that, usually spot on. Kateryna proves further that you don't need a fashion blog to go out look good and be fashionable, so thank you for that. Kateryna welcome to the HottHe Club.

How would you describe your style? 60's meets 70's with a dash of androgyny and grandma chic.
I love menswear and incorporate it regularly into my wardrobe but I also adore florals, pastels and obnoxious prints and pattern combinations. I'm the girl that will mix a turquoise polka dot with a printed orange pajama style pant and pull it off. You need to wear clothes that represent you and make you feel marvelous when you put them on. I generally stay away from fleeting trends and tend to go for trends from the past as I've seen and felt them have more longevity. If I look at an item and can predict everyone and their mother will be bored of it in 6 months, it's not going to happen. If I see something that transports me to another era but makes me feel more "me" than I've ever felt, then I usually know it's right. I'm an old soul so I tend to get turned on by nostalgia.

Who is Your Style Icon? Edie Sedgewick for one. She was absolutely flawless but effortless. She never looked like she put any effort into what she had on and would pair classic black and neutral basics with an obnoxiously huge pair of earrings and a gigantic fur coat with lots of eyeliner, and instantly was the chicest girl in the room. Jackie O, because she was perfect and classic. Michelle Harper, because she's ridiculous but pulls off the wildest outfits (costumes I call them) without ever looking trendy or try hard. She is a work of art.

Favorite item you own? I have a vintage blond mink full length fur coat I lived in last winter.
A vintage cobra skin clutch that I've glued back together a million times. A pair of black lambskin leather shorts I've worn to paper thin.  I'm a big fan of skins and while I know many people have an issue with this, I almost always buy them vintage. Vintage fur and leather lasts forever and by recycling it you're doing the world a favor. No plastic clutch ever survived several generations or looked chic on anyone.

Who are your Favorite Designers? Dolce & Gabbana makes the sexiest clothes for men and women.
Their men's collections especially are always outstanding.  Prada's quirkiness always makes me swoon, and Oscar De La Renta makes really chic old lady clothes that I'm obsessed with. I loved Roy Halston in the 70's for creating one of my favorite clothing item's in the world, the jumpsuit. Designers that know their client, and dress the woman for her personality, instead of trying to give her one, are whom I respect the most. They are artists who enhance, enrich and help flourish the creative stylish way of those who wear their clothes. There is nothing more incredible than seeing that come to life on the women who wear them.
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  1. Nice photos, love the leather shorts !!

    Great blog

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