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Guest Post: Bag of the Week Judith


'a modern day fairy tale'

Fade to cheesy movie flashback with the words “one month earlier” across the screen; ladies, how many times have you heard: “Honey, what do you want for your birthday?”  Every hot blooded straight man wishes we’d answer it, and give them an easy out, and every women wishes he’d pick just the right thing that we’ve picked out in our heads just to see if he “gets us” – and that is where our story starts.  With me saying again and again, “nothing! Or whatever you think I’ll like, I don’t care.”

And back to present day.  Whether or not we admit it, we all want a fairy tale moment from time to time – or better yet to feel like we’re in one of those movies we hate to admit we watch but daydream about.

His words were like catnip – well, more like a half ounce of beluga with crème fraiche and some dark truffles – toying with and teasing my curiosity, telling me how he found something perfect, but it wouldn’t be here in time, then it might, and truly just building it up with the anticipation we all have before a celebrity scandal breaks but mentally brace for it to not live up to the hype.  Well, it lived up to every second of the hype, and before I take you along with me for my very own Pretty Woman moment, I’d like to thank Mark D and Steve from Overture by Judith Lieber.  Yes you heard me.  The line every It Girl blogger is talking about – and not so patiently waiting to see and feel.

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At 11:30 am on Friday morning my extravagantly outrageously thoughtful boyfriend called me up and said “it’s here! We HAVE to be there by 1!” You’d have thought he was awaiting a new Porsche with custom rims and an original purring handmade German engine. 

With the excitement of a six year old I picked him up his favorite iced coffee and impatiently bounced in my Zadig and Voltaire pumps like a little girl waiting for her first experience with a lead makeup artist from Chanel’s national team.  We raced at 12:55 to an unmarked building, impatiently asking “are we there yet?” every half a block – until we finally were.

Hugs were exchanged by strangers and I was shuffled into the VIP services office of Judith Lieber corporate while brand new clutches were being unwrapped in front of me – at this point I was like the girl at a surprise party that doesn’t realize everyone is there for her – and three men are staring at me, at this point I realize what is going on, and they begin to fill me in on the rest.  Overture – Judith Leiber’s new, sexy, edgy and to the satisfaction of many men, affordable line – was being unwrapped in front of my wide eyes as I cautiously reached out to pet the faux politically correct python and run my manicured fingers over the smooth curves of the metal pillbox.  They were both evocative designs, much more primal then the prim and proper glam Judith is known for, but there was no contest of which one I was walking out with, the sexy and sumptuous snake against my apple red nails was a no brainer. 

If this wasn’t a fairy tale moment in itself then the fashionista in me almost OD’d on metal, leather and stones when Steve walked us into the showroom and gave me an early sneak peek of the Overture Holiday collection.  If this was a movie from the 20s I would have gotten woozy and needed smelling salts.  There was so much detail – there is a fine line to walk when your target demographic is edgy and classy at the same time.  Brushed metallic’s and spikes danced in front of my eyes. 

I have no doubt that my next gift to myself was in that room.  Some of the highlights were the round leather with bronze muted spikes all over and bow-like girlie hardcore hardware that was far from my little girl sleepovers. 

I know Overture is becoming one of the most blogged about pre-release items, but unlike the vibrating mascara tubes, the crackle nail polish or heels for men, I promise the princess in all of you, it beyond lives up to the hype, and the creators of the line allowed my boyfriend to give me my own fairy tale moment.  As unique as it was, remember you don’t need the outrageous presentation to love each and every bag in this collection.  Overture is the perfect bag for a special date night, a night out with your girlfriends or for when you are the princess of your own fairy tale night out. 

by TaraLyn

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