Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fat Girls Should NOT Have Belly Button Rings...

Was at the pool the other day, and this larger girl had a belly button ring, must unappealing thing going. Having said that, not many people should still have belly button rings in 2012, but for those that do, have the body to back it up. If your stomach is coming over your waistline, probably not the best belly button ring candidate.

P.S. Make sure to get rid of your happy trail.That shit is gross.

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  1. I'm plus sized, with a belly button ring. I'm a dancer, an artist and most of all I'm a model. Everyone i have met love it, and even people who say they don't like belly button rings agree it looks good on me, even if people didn't like it, i wouldn't give two shits because guess what it's my body, my fat and my tiger stripes. Being thin doesn't mean being fit so fuck your body policing and Honor your curves people!


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