Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Booty Wrap, No Way Jose!

What Is The BootyWrap ?Is that a phone in your hand on your power walk? Cash stuffed in your sock? Keys in your waistband? And our personal favorite ? lip balm in the bra? If this sounds all too familiar, we have the answer: The BootyWrap. It looks like a sweatshirt tied around your waist; but its not. The BootyWrap is simply a flat, bulkless garment with sleeves and pockets. Finally you store your stash, cover your bum and remain hands free! You?ll love the BootyWrap -- the smartest sleeves around.The Facts... * A faux, flat sweatshirt with pockets for phone, iPod, credit cards, keys etc. * To be tied around waist; covers bum * Flat, fashionable and slimming, not bulky * 

 Is there even a market for this? Are women really looking for another pocket? He just doesn't hear a ton of women looking for another thing to throw on just for pockets. Hell He would much rather you wear a fanny pack then this Booty Wrap.

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