Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Sweat More Boobs or Balls?

Age old question that never gets answered. Women always say they want to be mean because its easier, and men are just fine with the way things are. Since its been 100 degrees every single day so far this summer, He wants to know what sweats or is sweater - Balls or Boobs? Now here are the points, balls are typically in underwear, hopefully, and they sweat a lot as is. Boobs on the other hand are in a sweaty close holding bra, unless of course you are in the No Bra Revolution, which probably allows for some amazing air flow. Which does the ArmHe think sweat more? He wants you to vote and comments, let here the reasoning behind your votes.

I Agree - Boobs
I Disagree - Balls

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1 comment:

  1. I think balls do. I only wear bras if I REALLY have to. If you go braless in the summer, that is when it shows on your shirt and they sweat A LOT..but, my boobs have never come anywhere close in smell as balls do when they sweat, lol, so I'm assuming they're worse.


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