Friday, July 27, 2012

Rules of Fashion Events...Don't Be THAT Asshole...

Ear to Nose Chains/rings whatever in the you call them are officially for photoshoots and wackos only. NOT made for real people. He stepped out from behind the computer last night to attend a fashion event. Well every single fashion event He has ever attended there is always one girl who is the asshole of the party. Trying way to hard to be "in style" or "fashionable" pushing the limits to the extreme.

Last night it was this chick in the noise to ear chain. Damn thing must not have stuck on right, because she spent half the night with fingers up her nose trying to squeeze it tighter. Nothing would have made He happier then walking up and ripping that f*cking thing off her face. But He off and instead took a picture so that today He could make fun of her for and laugh with the rest of the ArmHe.

More legit Walter Baker Event Pics after the break...
 These pants are awesome..
 Big fan of the jumpsuit on the right
 stop trying so hard girl on the right, you are in the picture chill...

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