Friday, July 20, 2012

FashionVOTE by He...Who Wore it Better?

Another edition of  Who Wore it Better Game, color denim, blue versus pink. Heels versus wedges, lets jump right into it

What are we looking at?
Girl 1: Medium sized wedges, could be higher. Pink skinny jeans, make her legs look good. Cool, racer-ish back tank top thing. Showing off the shoulder is always a good way to impress during summer. Shes close to looking really good, but just not fully there.
Girl 2: Cool Wedge/cut out heels. blue jeans look to be a size to big or so, and flattens the ass more then He would like. diy tank top, and definitely better hair then girl 1. Not an easy week to decide who looks better.

Time for the ArmHE to Vote:
Vote I Agree: Girl 1
Vote I Disagree: Girl 2

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