Friday, July 13, 2012

FashionVOTE by He...Who Wore it Better?

Believe it or not these two chicks are both standing in relatively the same spot outside the subway stop in Soho.Get a lot of good feedback on this Who Wore it Better Game, so if you keep liking it, we will keep playing it. Time for the nitty gritty.

What are we looking at?
Girl 1: This girl had the worst sour puss on her face the entire time He was stalking her. Without question she would look 7x better if she would lose the face and crack a smile. bottle of water comes in hand when its 100 degrees out and your in jeans. Nice wedge, equipment shirt, good hair. Lesson here, smile, He might just be watching.
Girl 2: Never been a big fan of this kind dress, totally kills the lower half of your body and removes any and all figure a girl has. Strappy wedges are again okay, not sure He likes the puke green color, but ok. Typical small girl with a huge bag and not a smiley girl either.

Time for the ArmHE to Vote:
Vote I Agree: Girl 1
Vote I Disagree: Girl 2



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