Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where is the Blogging Captial of the World?

Sweden and Manilla are absolutely two of the top two spots in the world. Per Capita there have to be more bloggers in these two areas than anywhere else in the world. Hell Sweden even has its own websites .es or something wild. No one in the world looks at more blogs daily, weekly or monthly then the King of Fashion, so here is the Fashion by He list of Top Blogging Cities:

Top Blogging City List:
1) Sweden - Only problem here is every blogger seems to be 17, do bloggers quit once they hit 18?
2) Manilla - You can always count on wild and crazy outfits, these girls love their high shoes
3) London - Damn there are a lot of good bloggers in one city
4) LA  - Too many good looking people for this not to be on the list.
4a) NYC - If you live in NYC you are either a blogger, stylist or a photographer.
5) Australia - Tons of Blondes, hard to remember whose who.

Up and Coming:
Brazil, Toronto, Poland

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  1. I've found you again! I used to read your blog all the time back in the day, so happy to have found you once more :)

    Your Sweden blogger commentary is hilarious.

  2. I even have to agree that Manila is in this list because it's posted on our independence day!


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