Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Type of Underwear Are You Showing Off?

Odds are during summer whatever dress you are wearing, we have a man on the scene checking out the underwear lines. The fact is the small things in life are why we, as men, wake up everyday. But the question is if we are going to see your underwear lines what type of underwear are you showing off to the world and what is it saying about you. For sure you don't want to be the girl showing off the granny p*nties (bottom right) to the world. That' just gross. Boy shorts are cute (bottom left) but for at home when your walking around in just boy shorts. Thong (top right) has got to be the best option. Let's us know you are a legit normal person and probably a good time.

P.S. Are g-strings for strippers only these days? Does anyone still wear them or is it just a novelty at this point?

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  1. Thongs ARE for strippers, so tasteless. Real women wear real panties.

    / Avy

  2. Once a drunk old guy came up to me in the line for a club and told me I "really should have worn a g string with that skirt". I said "thanks" and turned away, and he turned me around and told me again. I said "given you have zero chance of ever actually seeing my underwear, perhaps you should be less concerned with it." It's just underwear, I don't think wearing a thong = "normal person", they're hardly comfortable or the first option a girl tends to go for...haha. If the outfit is tight, I'll wear one (to NOT have visible panty lines, certainly not to SHOW OFF the lines) but it doesnt give the most coverage or comfort...

  3. Haha ouch from the comments above. Sexy underwear for me tends to actually be with more conservative outfits just as a little touch just for me...when it comes between g-strings and thongs, g-strings are actually more comfortable to wear regularly than thongs probably because there's a lot less.

    but damn spot on with the boyshorts regularly.

  4. im more of a granny p*nties kinda gal...I just bought something called "booty pop" underwear which gives your buttox a rounder, bigger look and its called "the nicki" which will give an allusion of Nicki Minaj's ass. Big butts are trend-he and I know HE is an ass man ;)
    thanks for the post!

  5. haha! I just laughed with your post. That is so true, my faves are boycut panties, I'm not a fan of thongs, they are just so uncomfortable. Thank you for visiting my blog by the way. Want to follow each other?


  6. LOL you raise a good point Mr.He, visible panty line is not pretty.


  7. I wear granny panties in absolutely every occasion because they are so comfortable and I have no intention to change them even for the hottest guy on judge me if you want! ;)


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