Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thoughts on Girls at the Beach...

Summer is upon us, so He wanted to bring you a list of things chicks do on the beach/pool that guys notice, hate and love.

1) Taking Your Shorts Off - The girl that sits down before taking her shorts off has something to hide. The girl that stands up takes the shorts off, doesn't mind if a little wedgie shows, or if the world sees her ass, she is proud and she don't care.
2) Never Sit Up Right - Oldest trick in the book, girl who is laying flat, or leaning back has a flatter looking stomach then a girl sitting up right. Hence why girls never sit up right, they don't want a roll to show. We know this and will wait you out to confirm your real standing size.
3) Football - Everyone loves a girl who can have a football catch
4) Pool/Ocean - If you are too prissy to go into either, loosen up a little, have some fun in your life. Tanning isn't everything
5) Fifty Shades of Grey - Caught reading this in public and we know your down for some wild shit, expect a football to be overthrown in your direction.
6) Topless - Going topless is encouraged on vacations. Hell you don't know anyone, and everyone has them, so leave the top in the bag. This doesn't include spring break, if the beach is packed with dudes and creepers, leave the top on.
7) Laying Down Picture - While extremely hot, the picture down the chest and showing off the mounds and the stomach, just note everyone with tits looks good at that angle, sucking in their stomachs.
8) The Jump Photo - way to make the fat girl look even worse. Absolutely despise anyone who takes part in a "jump" style picture

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