Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Cheeky Do You Go?

Ever since He started the Go Cheeky Campaig, it seems that every bikini company in the world has joined in. If it ain't cheeky, its probably on the sale rack. Even Americans around the country are loosening up and going Cheeky! There are of course different levels of Cheeky, some girls go full cheeky, while others prefer just a little cheeky. Of course there's beach with friends cheeky, and then there is vacation cheeky which better be full on cheeky...What level of Cheeky are you at? How Cheeky would you go?

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  2. Love the Maui girl swimwear bottoms! Bought a pair in sassy bitch bottoms and will probably buy more when back in stock. Thank you for posting about them!


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