Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Chloe

Fell in love with Chloe a long time ago when He took her picture on the street and proclaimed her a beautiful girl. Well months later, a few different hair color changes and Chloe is back and bigger then ever. Planet Blue model, HottHe of the Week, kind the same level of awesomeness a model aims for. If anyone appreciates the importance of a good finger jewelry game its Chloe, she rocks more rings then she has fingers. Hard to argue with the style and beauty on this one...Chloe welcome back to Fbyhe, you are now a HottHe of the Week. Oh and Do Models Love He or What! Of course they do...

How would you describe your style? my style. Hmm.. I'm just a big kid. I like to play & mix things up from all different "styles" rather than stick to one solid thing. I think diversity is important.. & not only when devidjbg what to wear or how to express yourself. Controlled chaos maybe. I love bright colors, but also love black.. Leather & platforms are my staples at the moment.

Favorite item you own?  I just got these new Demonia platform creeper boots with calf buckles going almost up to my knee which I'm super stoked on. & remember those "tattoo" chokers we all had as kids in the 90s? Well I was lucky enough that the cobrasnake gave me a bunch of different colors of them so I've totally been living in those. && my rings & crystals. Feel naked without them, collect them from allover the world & keeps me from getting too many hand tattoos ....

Who are your Favorite Designers?  I met these awesome kids in LA when I was just over there for Coachella, they have a line called Mamadoux which is very raver inspired & I LOVE that. & my boyfriend Asger Juel Larsen, who does menswear (but that shouldn't stop any girl from wearing i)t, and he's more I'd say goth, military, hiphop inspired & dark, which is rad always makes me happiest to wear something a homie has made
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  1. Not hot (HE) IT looks like a man. But if thats what your into.


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