Friday, June 22, 2012

Guess Those Blogging Twins...

Long long time ago He did a feature "Guess Those Blogging Twins" for Moeh Fashion and The Little Black List, He was convinced these two girls were sisters if not twins. Well time to break this back, because as much as the next two girls don't want to admit it, they look very similar. These next two girls have both been featured on Fashion by He before as HottHes. Someone please agree with He and tell us these two girls could be sisters.

P.S. When asked about this they just thought He thought they looked like because they were both blonde, its more then that right?

More convincing Evidence after the break...

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  1. they look completely differnt to me:) But both of them are blondes and from Russia :)

  2. Yes, they have similarities, both blondes, both beautiful, but have different styles.They can pass as sisters, but not twins.


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