Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion by He's Most Hated Actors...

Not sure why He felt the need to do this but here they are, He's most hated actors of all time. All 5 of you suck at life and should never be hired again, for anything.

1) Justin Bartha - The Hangover would have been better if you never existed. Your life climaxed when you dated an Olsen. I hate you to the fullest extent possible.
2) Justin Long - Biggest over actor of all time. Try a little harder ya little shit.
3) Jimmy Fallon - Only guy in Hollywood to laugh at his own jokes before he even tells them. Worst part is the jokes are never even that funny
4) Dane Cook - Just leave us alone, you suck you suck you're not funny you suck
5) Seth Green - Because no one can possibly like him.

Honorable  Mentions:
Jim Carrey, Pauly Shore, Russel Brand

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