Monday, May 21, 2012

Why is there a Flats versus Heels Discussion?

"So what are you wearing tonight? Are you wearing flats or heels? 
Ugh I know, I don't want to wear them either, fine I'll wear flats if you do." 
-said by any two girls planning their outfits

These conversations Kill He...He might be a guy but He still gets some insider information into you women every now and then. Sorry you have a leak. Why when girls are going out for an event or in a group does their conversation involve whether or not they are wearing heels or flats? Why does this have to be a group decisions? Can't we all decide right now that the answer should always be heels? Don't even care if its a day of walking around street fairs in new york city, do you know how horrible you all look in your gladiator sandals and maxi dress? Throw on a wedge for heavens sake, it won't kill ya.

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  1. Well, I've always seen it as comfort vs. chic. There are some times (keep in mind- I'm a guy) where heels DON'T work all the time despite the fact that heels are hot. I once saw some videos about what to wear to certain events, like Coachella, for example. Wearing heels when out on grass doesn't usually work well (unless you want your heels to be beached in the grass). I'd mostly go with heels for outings, and if you want something more comfortable when not sporting heels, go with flats. Again- this is more about comfort than being hot with heels to me.

  2. I think girls like to discuss this so we won't feel left out... in a way. And if you're the only one wearing heels you don't want to be uncomfortable whole time while everyone is all comfy and having fun or you just don't want to stand out as much. Just a thought of why, I have no idea why we females do this though <3


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