Monday, May 21, 2012

Top Tips for Matching Your Shoes to Your Style

We've all heard that shoes can make or break the outfit. Don't let the wrong shoes get you on the fashion police's hit list! If you need a little help picking out the perfect pair for that fabulous getup, you've come to the right place!

Ask yourself this question: What kind of message about myself am I trying to send with my ensemble? It's important you dress appropriately for the occasion, the season, the weather and yes, even the time of day. Once you've decided on what you’re wearing, it's time to marry them off to the perfect shoes. Here are some pointers:

Summer dresses are probably my favourite things about the season, but nothing can ruin the look faster than sporting the wrong footwear. If it's not cold outside, boots are an obvious no-no unless you're trying to channel Laura Ingalls. Colourful sandals are all the rage right now, and espadrilles have been a warm weather mainstay for years. Summer clothing exudes a casual, laid-back attitude; don't bog them down with too-clunky shoes! Show off that pedicure with fun and dainty sandals. The lesson here is to match the personality of your shoes to you and that of your clothes.

Now you wouldn’t wear that backless sundress to the office, so let’s keep the gladiator thongs at home. While many of us no longer have to wear boring, hum-drum power suits to the office anymore, those of us that do can always liven things up with a smart pair of shoes. If your office has a conservative dress code, find a snazzy pair of patent leather pumps in a neutral colour. There’s something about patent leather that will freshen up any outfit while giving you a shot of self-confidence! With this level of dress code, it’s probably best to keep embellishments to a minimum because too much flair can seem tacky and will actually kill your outfit! If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere with a more relaxed dress code, take some liberties with your footwear. Embrace colour and texture, but keep the mile-high metallic platforms away from the workplace. How about trying some wedges? They’re not only chic, they’re super comfortable to work and walk around in all day.

In a nutshell, there are a few general rules to follow regarding shoes. If you're short, avoid wearing shoes that end just above the ankle as they can make you look stumpy. Wearing something colourful? Nude shoes usually work best in this scenario, but sometimes wearing an unexpected colour can add excitement—it’s like colour-blocking, but with your shoes. Wearing all black? A bright, bold shoe here could be a welcome surprise. If you’re afraid of colour, try a textured black shoe. Lace, snakeskin, studs…the possibilities are endless! Lastly, always make sure your kicks give off the right vibe. Just think of how different it’d be if Cinderella’s little shoe weren’t a delicate glass slipper?

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