Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Must-have tops – tunics, blouses and cardigans for women

If you’ve ever had the luxury of a personal stylist clearing out your clothing and advising you on the best things to wear, you’ll know there are some must-haves to keep in your wardrobe. The essence of styling is to buy versatile clothes that can be worn in a variety of ways, giving you great value for money and stunning outfits every time. From denim jackets to cardigans for women, there are several key pieces of clothing, and here are just three.

Tunics are flattering, versatile and affordable, so what’s not to like. Whatever your height, shape or style, you can find a tunic or two to match with other key items in your wardrobe. For smarter work wear, choose a tailored tunic that will work well with office trousers, accented by a piece of chunky jewellery. For days off, look for floatier, softer tunics that give you a great shape without being uncomfortable to wear, and that layer over vests and under jackets to complete your outfit. If you don’t have a tunic in your wardrobe, get out there and buy one!

Blouses and shirts are a staple part of a good wardrobe. Perfect for work, but looking just as good with jeans or shorts, the right blouse can be a fantastic investment. Take advantage of one of the latest trends and buy a pussy bow blouse, which gives you a great vintage look whilst also being bang up to date. Made in sheer fabrics and with great detailing, the pussy bow blouse  is a feminine, sexy and fun way to add a little interest to your collection.

And is there anything quite as versatile as cardigans? For women, the wide range of cardigans available means that just by choosing two or three classic styles and colours, you always have a great-looking top layer to wear. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, a cardigan can add style, colour, detail, warmth and much more to every outfit. Naturally, you’ll need to match the cardigan to the occasion, but if you shop wisely, you’ll never be sorry you bought one.

Of course, any stylist will tell you that there are more essential pieces to add to your wardrobe than just these three, but if you have to start somewhere, start with these three must-have tops, which will give you the versatility, comfort,

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