Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Alison

From the short time He has come to virtually know Alison, she seems to be getting her picture taken a whole lot more than anyone else He has met.Can't hate, pictures look good, she looks good, He get's to stalk the pics, win win for everyone.Great legs, awesome style, the gap, super high heels, and "a huge vintage clothing collection." Alison has everything a girl would need to be a HottHe of the Week, Yes Please.

How would you describe your style?  My style is eclectic, vintage mixed with high end. I love taking pieces from Value Village and cutting them up - little boys' sweaters, cutting the lining out of lace dresses so they are sheer - but I spend on shoes (die for Louboutins) and bags (a Chanel is needed). I also think I have the largest onesie collection in North America, no joke. I have about 300.

Favorite item you own?  Impossible to answer, I never wear the same thing twice. I guess it's my beloved cream backless dress in many photos - $6 of heaven.

Who are your favorite designers?  I am inspired so much by local talent - for example, Amanda Lew Kee is so innovative and I love how she can use black in a way I've never seen done. In terms of attainable designers, I love Wildfox and Unif - There is also a line called To Dye For Denim - denim shorts in every color/pattern/studded/tie dyed you can imagine - that's really hot. But my dream of dreams favorite designer ever? McQueen.

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