Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going to a Wedding...Try and Look Good!

Fashion by He is on facebook and from time to time looks at peoples pictures they post. Recently He has been seeing a lot of people at weddings posting pictures. What He has trouble understanding is how or why such goodlooking people can pick such hideous dresses to wear. He isn't talking about the bride or the bridesmaids, but regular people attending. Doesn't everyone like getting dressed up for events? Not every day you get to be all done up and get wasted, dance and have a good time, why would you allow yourself to do so and look so terrible. Of course we live in a day in age, when everything is uploaded online, but are girls today blind when it comes to picking out dresses for nice events? Some of the outfits He has seen recently have been terrible...REMINDER...He is always available to help you decide if a dress is a go or no go. He is available to help for any outfit really, but some of these event dresses He has seen lately are just pathetic.

Fashion by He Wedding Tips:
1) LBD: Sometimes staying with a simple black dress is the way to go...while prints and colors might seem like a good idea, if the event is at night, 90% of the time go with the black dress, better to blend in that stick out and look gross.
2) Body: If you have a body show it, not in the show the skin, but wear something that shows off your shape. Wearing something form fitting will make your date that much happier you dragged him to the event. Crazy wild patterns, bright colors, weird cuts, and outrageous dresses are not necessary.
3) Heels: This should be a given but apparently not, high heels are always required, and no your 3" heel isn't a high heel, He doesn't care how you try and spin it.

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