Monday, May 21, 2012

Girls Must Love Walking in These Dresses...

Not even a question that girls absolutely love these dresses for one reason, just to walk in them. They probably think they are all princesses crossing the street with their 4 foot train blowing in the wind behind them. This isn't He complaining, just stating a fact.

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  1. Love these skirts, bought a few for the summer! Definitely trend-he and makes me feel very princess-he while roaming the streets of NYC. All I need is a crown like He's and I'd be set ;)

  2. No question- these skirts can be quite elegant. High up front; low in the back. Their beauty is undeniable. My only thing that makes or breaks these is shoe choice. Because I consider them so elegant, stuff like sneakers, combat boots, or the ubiquitous flip-flop/thong sandals can be poor choices to go with most high-low/mullet skirts and dresses.


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