Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fuck You David Yurman...

He is so sick and tired of seeing everyone wearing David Yurman, its enough to make He sick. Stacked bracelets up to the elbow, a ring on each finger, a matching necklace, earrings, its f*cking enough already. He hasn't been this angry in quite some time. WAKE UP Fools, its a f*cking trend, just like in 4th grade when you same weirdos wore Tiffany's bracelets and thought you were hot shit. Guess what, you weren't hot shit then you ain't hot shit now. He would 10000x much rather see you go out and find some unique jewelry then buy what every other girl in the world already has, its not cool any more and He isn't even sure it ever was.

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  1. etsy has a lot of unique designers and jewelry . check out their site etsy.com and you'll find more then just jewelry just about almost everything handmade and vintage .

  2. It is good to see your good taste and ideas.

  3. I adore this kind of jewelry. I might confess that I have one great imitation of the last bracelet.

    Kisses, Em**



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