Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do You Want to Wear a JoeyBra?

Wow a year and  a half a go, He introduced you to underwear with pockets in them.The owner wasn't so pleased with He though after He tried to get the names of the models to feature as HottHes. Hopefully this time around He doesn't scare anyone off. The Joey Bra, interesting name right from the start, but let's not judge. First Question: Whose Digital Camera is that Big? Question Two: How often are you walking around in a bra listening to music on your iNano? Third Question: How accessible is this really if you are at a bar?

Now the video after the break, shows a girl putting a phone in her bra...do girls really think this is a good idea? Would you really ever want to keep your iphone in your bra?

P.S. They are accepting funding, so if you care to donate money to help get the JoeyBra made, go here.

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1 comment:

  1. This is a FABULOUS IDEA....girls always shove their cellphones into the sides or front of their bras anyways. I might actually place an order right now


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