Friday, May 4, 2012

Are High Pheels Cooler then Heel Condoms?

After He posted last week about the JoeyBra, every fashion website on Earth followed up with a post of their own. Just the King of Fashion making things go viral, no big deal. Thanks for the Credit on finding that one, nope didn't happen. So let's be clear this is another item found by He, but anyway. High Pheels, now this company is just in the idea phase, still working on the details, and it is only available for pre-order. The video they provide, and the limited information is hard to understand how exactly this works, but He is going to guess these are like heel socks, that take a normal heel into something totally different. He is sure there are plenty of women out there who would actually buy this, just like the heel condom and the sole stickers, not so sure its success makes it right, but for those of you interested, there ya go.

P.S. These are going to be featured on the ABC Show yet again He find stuff before the world even know it exists...
P.P.S. How To Video After the Break...

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