Friday, May 25, 2012

About Time: Fashion by He 10 Best Men Blogger

"Fashion by He was created by a fashion and stylist expert, who still remains anonymous,  in an effort to pass along his knowledge to the world. He has absolutely no training and comes to this post with little to no knowledge about fashion, yet somehow He manages to captivate the attention of millions everyday. He’s located in New York an established his blog on July 2009. He has a unique fashion eye for all things right or wrong, never follows norms and is distinct for his amazing, ironic yet humorous commentary!" -Netrobe

From day 1, Fashion by He was instantly catapulted into the top 1% of fashion bloggers. No brainer, best fashion blogger alive. Fashion by He is doing things, half the world can't even begin to understand. Cannot tell you how many people refuse to included Fashion by He on their list of top bloggers outta spite or because He doesn't post personal pictures.Whatever, we don't need those types of people, but it is nice to get featured every now and then. But then again, was there ever a questions He was #1? Thanks Netrobe, you get He.

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