Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Most UnSexy Boots Ever Are...

Top 5 most un-sexy boot of the year award goes to the Over-The-Knee-Flat-Boot. If you are going to wear flat boots, would much rather see you in a knee high then an over the knee. Don't go ruining a great thought in my head by not having a heel.

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  1. The best style of shoes " sexy-chic" for Glamour women are over the knee and thigh high boots , there are indispensable in a dressing room and ( fall to spring season ), however, just a necessary condition , not be vulgar with them, have the right combination...It's a question of tastes. A girl could be vulgar without boots or thigh high boots...This is not the boot that makes the woman stylish , but the opposite ! ( excuse my english )...I'm French !


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