Monday, April 23, 2012

Tobi is the Newest to Use Model Way Too Skinny...

If you aren't following Fashion by He on twitter, you miss out on a ton of great material. He was the first person to call out revolve clothing, the first to call out asos, and now let's officially call out Tobi. What the f*ck is wrong with the people picking these models. No offense to the model herself, He is sure you eat, exercise and remain healthy, but from a website and company stand point, how can you think this looks good on your website? How can you think that these types of models are going to sell your clothing? None of it even fits the model properly....

He really just needs a casting director or PR person from one of these companies to come forward and explain the thought process...was there a test shoot? Did you not meet the model before you had her model 100 outfits for your website?

If these companies don't have casting directors and need one, Fashion by He is located in NYC and will offer his services FREE of charge. There is no excuse that anyone this size should be modeling on these types of websites.


P.S. He doesn't do this to offend the models, this isn't there fault, every model that has been called out is gorgeous, but not for these types of jobs, its the companies to blame.

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  1. Personally I'm a petit sized girl so sometimes for me to see a smaller size girl fit in the clothes makes it easier for me to purchase. since a lot of times clothes tend to be too big on me. BUT this girl is honestly a little TOO thin ... she's no longer proportional ..

    1 thing I like about ASOS (& yes He called him out too) is that they separate their petit size apparels. maybe sites should all do that and use appropriate sized models for each category (?)

    Anyway ~ always loved your blog. always entertaining.

    have a great week He!

  2. Wow, what a lovely Blog! :)

    Check out my Blog for Daily Fashion Inspiration. Make sure to Comment and maybe your Blog will be featured tomorrow! :)

  3. she's so skinny. The size of her head and the size of her body doesn't match!

    Kisses, Em**

  4. Clothes sell better on skinny women: fact.

    No one posts shit like " this plus size model is TOO fat for that outfit," so what makes it okay for the slender ones? It's no ones place to judge people on their weight.

    Stick to what you're good at, not bashing companies for using human beings as hangers with bodies that may or may not be the " ideal".


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