Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Play...Marry, Fuck, Kill...

Though this would be a fun game to play, because who doesn't love "Marry, Fuck, Kill" ... put the idea out on facebook and twitter but though it would be more fun to post here as well. Had trouble with this one, could've thrown 80s purple in the mix or karmaloop but ultimately settled on these three. Really hard to pick this one out.

Could play the game two ways...1) as individual stores or 2) as the girls that represent them (ie. a nasty gal, a planet blue girl, a shopbop girl)

Here are He's thoughts on the stores:
Shopbop: A more sophisticated girl, got some money to spend. Stays in style, but does so in a more formal classier way.
PlanetBlue: This is your California girl, the one you always dream about but never actually find. Throws an outfit together, manages to look sexy as hell, but its hard to explain how she does it. Not a care in the world.
Nastygal: Wants some of the California feel, but in the big city. Shows off some skin and looks sexy, but just isn't as wild as the PB girl, but hopes to one day be.

He's Vote: 
Marry: NastyGal - a little bit of everything
Fuck: PlanetBlue - this would be a wild ride, that would happen more than once

Kill: Shopbop - As much as He would love to marry for money, this probably wouldn't work out

Your turn..don't vote just based upon the dresses pictures, He tried to find a picture that best resembled the type of girl fit the company

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