Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank Note for Fashion by He...

Hey He,
Just in case you don't remember me, but I messaged you about big girls not wearing bikinis and before that, about tall girls wearing heels. Well, I finally got over my dumb fear about being too tall. I figured "hell, I can't change being tall so I might as well look good looming over everyone. Plus super models are tall so why not?" So, I got off my ass and bought some. They were four inches, yeah I know no great feat but I felt damn proud. Now I can't stop; I love them so much. So I just wanted to thank you because although it was forever ago, your response helped. So, yeah. 
Thanks for everything,

P.S I attached a picture of my newer shoes (sorry for the shit quality). They're five inches, glittery, and they're my favorite for the moment. Also, if your wondering why the look so big, it's because they are. I wear a size 12 and I'm 5'9. So if anyone ever complains that there feet are too big to find heels, they're bullshitting you. Just tell them to look hard and be patient and tell them not to be afraid to spend a little more sometimes.

Did Fashion by He do it again or did He do it again? Boosting confidence and putting girls in 5" heels.
He's job here is done.

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