Monday, April 30, 2012

Show off Some Leg Please...

He has said it before, legs are one of the most underrated part of the body. Well your body not He's. Some people are going to be dumb and call this look the Angelina, but those people need to get hit upside the head. Absolutely love the leg being shown off, can go more conservative on top and still look sexy. Of course, this look does not look nearly as good in a pair of flats. Then again, what does?

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  1. I love showing some leg and your right i can't name one thing that looks better then flats then in heels heels rock and also showing some leg

  2. Leggy look had become a come-back ever since Angelina Jolie had sported a leggy look on Oscars. The look is rocking, yet ultra feminine. Love the shoes that complete this look. Thanks for the post!AML


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