Friday, April 6, 2012

Pushing High Heels to the Limit...

WSJ: How high can a killer heel go—without killing your feet?

As heels continue to hold center stage in fashion, designers like Francesco Russo are exploring ways to push a shoe to the foot's limits. At shoe maker Sergio Rossi, best known for its va-va-voom heels, Mr. Russo's task is to engineer a structure atop lofty heels that can comfortably support the weight of a woman's body. "It's like architecture," he says. Most doctors recommend a maximum height of 2 inches. 

But with heels, many women trade comfort for style. Women spent $38.5 billion on shoes in the U.S. last year, according to NPD Group, and more than half of those sales were for heels over 3 inches high. High heels are seen as sexy and powerful. Stars on the red carpet clamor for the highest heels possible–leading designers who want their shoes photographed into an arms race for height. 

Atticle was send in by a friend, thanks Steve, and it does ask the question, "How High can High Heels Go?" Now He wants to say we are about maxed out at 6"-7" and that anything more is gonna be dangerous. Especially with a platform anything higher, is pretty much just wearing a pair of stilts. How how do you think the limits are?

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