Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earrings that Connect Needs Your Help...

June 20th, 2011: He can just picture this double earring thingy getting caught on something and a chick losing both ear lobs. Just wear a necklace seems a whole lot safer.

"I've invented a magnetic clasp that attaches the earring hook to the chain, which simply comes apart if the chain is snagged or pulled, leaving the magnet and earring hook in her ear, and no bloody mess!"

Fast Forward to the present and Lace by Tanaya Henry is now a real collection, in music videos and worn by celebrities. Well the fun didn't end there now, Tanaya is looking for cash, kickstarter, you can sign up and donate money to her cause to help further launch her brand. Just another example of seeing things on Fashion by He before anyone else.

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