Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell + Coloring Book = Genius

He never claimed to be a genius, but He happens to be one. Combining the Jeffrey Campbell brand with Black Milk was smart but He is 1000% sure He wrote that this should and would happen about 2 years ago. What He is now proposing is another genius idea.

Jeffrey Campbell + Coloring Book. What does that mean exactly. Well, take a white Lita, have an artist, JC, draw some cartoon coloring book type stuff all over it. Then let people color them in however they see fit. Your very own custom Jeffrey Campbell Lita. This is the easiest and best way to let girls around the world customize their shoes. It's f*cking brilliant. How JC hasn't done this yet is mind blowing. Have a competition, let people vote on the best design. This is day 1 stuff going on and He is just miles ahead of the rest. Jeffrey, after you take He's idea, how about showing a little love. Your Welcome.

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