Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Official...The Nipple a Fashion Trend!

(Image via NoBraRevolution)

When He set out on a #NoBraRevolution, He was just being a typical guy that likes the easy access, the sex appeal, the confidence that comes with and pretty much all that other stuff guys think about. But as the Revolution continued and grew, without notice, Fashion by He's #NoBraRevolution has become a Fashion Trend. Many will probably not give credit where credit is due, but stop for a minute and look around the world. College kids never go out with a bra on, bloggers now have more and more posts with sideboob, , open sided shirts, nip pokage and other braless shots, chicks on the streets of the world, have taken off the bras for a free feel.


Now, He must work to keep it as a trend and not a fad. Especially with Spring and Summer heating up the #NoBraRevolution is about to put its mark on the world for good in 2012. This is a great thing for the world, the ladies are getting more confident, heels are getting higher, they are looking better, and little do they know this was He's plan all along.

P.S. If every major news site doesn't pick up this article and write about it, they are being oblivious to the world around them. 
P.P.S. It was HE who was writing bout Cheeky Bottoms years ago, and look now, every freaking bathing suit being worn on the beach is a cheeky bottom, unless of course you have no style.
P.P.P.S. #RockOutWithYourNipOut all summer long

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