Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Lucy

Remember He's friend Lucy from No Bra Thursdays? Of course you do!  Chick is pretty much a rock star, and obviously the life of the party. Thigh highs galore, which is pretty much one of the quickest ways to turn some heads. The No Bra Revolution participant is another good way.  Isn't the best part that in Lucy's interview she even mentions her style is head turning, love when girls tell He exactly what He wants to hear. Lucy's second feature and is now finally a HottHe of the Week.

How would you describe your style? Obscure and thrifty , usually head turning , not toned down usually.

Favorite item you own? Vintage French blazer I got from this GOLD MINE of a thrift store warehouse in Philly. It has coat tails and gold buttons but is completely wearable with any outfit.

Who are your favorite designers? So for a second I contemplated googling some designers that I thought were interesting but the fact is im not into designers nor will I ever be. I spend my money on key pieces like an expensive boot or a well made blazer, but I dont think you should ever have to have money to have style. I always look at girls with Chanel shoes and Louis Vuitton bags and I cant help but be overwhelmed how many useful things that person could have done with that 3000 dollars. I respect them for their love of designers , but I think real fashion lies with the people who know how to have pizzazz with out spending a years college tuition on a belt.

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