Friday, April 13, 2012

Guess that Celebrity Style...

Staying with the neon trend, in honor of the Fashion by He Style Competition, did He mention pictures are due to by Monday night? Who is this chick? Can you guess that celebrity style?

Answer: Audrina Patridge

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  1. Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge starring in, “Shapeless in Avenger-land.” Another matronly, covered up, high neckline, no cleavage, no curves, in urgent need of Victoria's Secret assistance, red carpet look from Audrina. She should have worn the same push up bra she did under the purple dress at Pure nightclub, that gave her decent shape. Disappointing. She used to be one of Hollywood's most curvy celebs.

  2. The Avenger's premiere Might have been a monumental night for Audrina Patridge. The end of her signature hair! Audrina had two back-to-back really good hair nights at the "Waiting for Lightning" and "The Avengers" premiers. Then, announced the day after the Avengers, she was "completely changing - just for fun." She had such beautiful, long, lovely hair too.


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