Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alexa Leigh Makes the Back Look Hot...

The double pendant necklaces are meant to be worn with one pendant in the front and one in the back. The single pendant necklaces are great for layering or on their own as a statement piece. The symbols represent love, freedom and hope, serving as a reminder for your everyday life.

The backlace (necklace for your back) is probably one of the most underused jewelry item on earth. Well He went out and find a pretty bad ass backlace for you. Alexa Leigh went out and created just what He was looking for a double necklace of sorts, one to be worn in the front and one in the back. She also has a lot of bracelets and anklets a great everyday go to item.You can follow her on facebook and twitter for updates...

USE CODE: HE for 15% OFF on your purchase.

Tons more pictures after the break...

The Glamourai

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