Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ShoeSmash...UNIF vs Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell began a revolution of the Go Big or Go Home Shoe. But out of nowhere came little known brand UNIF who just decided the JC heel just wasn't big enough. If you looked fast you probably wouldn't even see the different, but upon further review UNIF seems have taken the Lita to the next level. But do we like it?

Jeffrey Campbell Lita: Revolutionary shoe, that has probably sold more pairs than any other shoe in the history of fashion. Odds are if you have a fashion blog you have a pair of these, if you want to be a fashion blogger you too probably also have a pair of these. And finally, if you are a chick, you probably have a pair of these. So easy to assume, everyone and their mother has a pair of these. Heel Height: 5.25" - Platform Height: 2"
UNIF Hellbound: A more rare breed, but also new to the game. Most of these come with a crazy rainbow pair of laces to really brighten them up. Change up the laces to some neon or your favorite color and now you have a customized pair. But was UNIF too late to the game? Heel Height: 6" - Platform Height: 3"

"I Agree" for Jeffrey Campbell Lita
"I Disagree" for UNIF Hellbound

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  1. I assume that I am a fashion blogger (and don't own a pair of these) but I have to admit that I find these shoes either Jeffrey Camble or Unif really really ugly.
    To me girls feet should look pretty and feminin but to me these just make feet look horse-ish..
    Sorry my oppinion!!:)

    1. THANK YOU!! Finally another person agrees with me. THESE are Hideous!! I have no idea who finds these attractive. I love booties, I am obsessed with booties, they keep your foot in, they are so easy to walk in and so comfortable but these, these are just fugly x10000000.


  2. I like the UNIF wayyyy better... but would I buy them? fuck no.


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