Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pattern Blocking Just Makes He Nauseous...

Ok, we get it, you pulled every pattern out of your closet and decided to wear it all at the same time. Guess What? No one is impressed! All you are doing is making He dizzy. This style is called Pattern Blocking, right? It is possible He has just made up a new term, wouldn't be the first time. But honestly, there is no way He believes you if you can tell He you think these outfits look good? It looks like you got dressed in the dark, Not He Approved.

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  1. Woah, you're right. I have trouble finding a focal spot on any of those outfits. Interesting point in your post.

    Would be great if you could follow me :)

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!! you're so right!!!! :-)))) but sometimes it looks good. it depends how. but mostly its a catastrophe. . .


  3. haha because most people do it wrong! but when done right it cal look reaaaally nice. its all about the size of the print, the amount of colors and overall darkness/lightness.


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